The energy audit of Avalon Residence, the pilot-project of Ozone Homes, was conducted by Prof. Dr. Eng. Emilia-Cerna Mladin, President of the Romanian Association of Energy Auditors for Buildings. Following this process, Avalon Residence received a score of 100 points – the maximum that a building can be evaluated at from the energetic point of view – and Class A (high energy efficiency), on the Energy Performance Certificate.

The energy performance of the building was evaluated based on the calculation methodology developed under Law 372/2005. In terms of annual consumption the following values were identified:

  • Heating: 24.91 kWh / sqm / year
  • Hot water: 67.27 kWh / sqm / year
  • Air conditioning: 10.75 kWh / sqm / year
  • Mechanical ventilation 0.06 kWh / sqm / year
  • Artificial lighting: 14.21 kWh / sqm / year
  • Total: 117.2 kWh / sqm / year

Compared to a block building traditional construction method, a house within Avalon Residence consumes 5 times less energy, which is reflected in both reduced payment of utilities and reduced CO2 emissions. All utilities are operated without the use of fossil fuels. Thus, carbon dioxide emissions footprint is nearly 0.

Through its energy performance and the ability to use renewable energy, the Ozone Homes buildings can be categorized as near NET-ZERO-ENERGY-BUILDING (NZEB).

For a 20-year lifetime of the building, the houses provided by Ozone Homes recover 80-90% of the initial investment value.

Click here to view the certificate.

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