Social Housing


Ozone Homes technology is suitable for the construction of social housing, the execution speed, future operating conditions, the overall expenses being totally affordable.

This type of housing is intended especially for the local and central authorities, which face particular social matters and, at the same time, encounter many demands coming from the local community members.

These homes can be attributed to individuals or families whose income does not allow them to buy a house from the open market.

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Our technology allows us to build housing of necessity in only five days for persons or families whose homes have become unusable as a result of accidents or disasters.

These homes are furnished with basic elements and need to be connected to the public network of power, sewage and water.

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Ozone Homes is able to provide housing service for various public institutions and public or private businesses that can be granted to employees and their families during the duration of the employment contract.

Thus, the housing problems of doctors, teachers, engineers, agronomists and employees from the private sector, especially in rural areas, will be solved.