Eden Terraces

Ozone Homes has been an active player on the Romanian real estate market since 2003. The year 2010 marked the implementation of a new vision regarding the construction of affordable housing tailored to comply with the upcoming 20/20/20 EU directive.

Ozone Homes technology allows faster building and offer significantly reduced on going maintenance costs. Our homes meet the strict requirements of the EU environment legislation and reduce the negative impact on human health and energy consumption.

The highest cost was recorded in a 3 room apartment (67 m2 usable area) with the least favorable position in the building, as it has 3 exposed walls. However, energy consumption for this apartment was 43,7 kwh/sqm/yr, less that half of the consumption required by GEO no. 18/2009 (target GEO: specific annual consumption for heating below 100 kW / sqm / year). The real consumption for this apartment was .

Furthermore, this consumption was registered in February 2012 when the average daily temperature was -15 degrees Celsius. The average temperature inside the apartment during this period was 23 degrees Celsius.

Eden Terraces is situated in Tunari, only 10 minutes away from Baneasa Shopping City and can be reached by car or public transport, as shown on the map to the right.

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