Our products

Ozone Homes puts forward integrated solutions based on modern ideas and top technologies, which include architectural services, construction, management, obtaining permits, approvals and finance.

Our highly qualified experts in the abovementioned fields provide a variety of solutions for achieving a wide rage of real estate investments.

Residential sector: family homes, vacation homes, chalets, mobile homes, villas, apartments, residential areas, residential buildings, social housing, necessity and intervention houses, garages and pavilions.

Commercial field: hotels, hostels, motels, shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops, show rooms, service stations, retail shops, hypermarkets, parks and retail centres.

Agricultural industry: industrial and agricultural production halls, industrial and agricultural warehouses, industrial parks, logistics centers, agricultural centers, lofts.

The field of special-purpose buildings: schools, colleges, kinder gardens, training centers, hospitals, churches, government buildings, office buildings, offices for public institutions, sports halls, palace halls, medical clinics, military bases.

Interior and exterior design: buildings’ energetic rehabilitation, renovations and refurbishments with modern technologies, partitioning, extensions of spaces, both horizontally and vertically, attics, sustainable systems for roof tops and walls, the efficiency of heating installations.